🔥Ready stock🔥💥With Warranty💥 500ml Large Capacity Diffuser Humidifier Aromatherapy 超声波熏香机雾化器加湿器

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✅材质:PP (奶瓶材质)
✅尺寸:直径 168mm 高 120mm
✅储水容量: 500ml

✅7彩超声波雾化器 x 1
✅说明书 x 1
✅免费水溶性香精油 x 1

⭕大储水容量 – 500ml,省去长时间运作需要一直添水的烦恼
⭕大喷雾量 ,能够为大空间提供保湿,或熏香
⭕超静音操作 – 20dB – 40dB 分贝, 你绝对不会发觉它的存在,而它会一直默默的工作,并呵护着您


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💥Product information💥
✅Material: PP
✅Color: White
✅Dimension: Diameter 168mm, Height 120mm
✅Capacity: 500ml
✅Operation Frequency: 2.4Mhz
✅Fix timing mode: 60 Minutes / 120 Minutes / 180 Minutes / Constant on

💥Package Included💥
✅7 Color 500ml Humidifier x 1
✅3-pin Local power socket
✅User Manual x 1
✅Free water-soluble essential oil x 1

💥Product Highlight💥
⭕500ml high capacity water tank, capable to operate long hours without keep add in water
⭕High mist volume, suitable to hydrating or aromatherapy for large area
⭕Fix timing mode, adjust the operation timing based on your needs
⭕Low noise operation, you will barely notice it’s presence, but it will keep operating to hydrating you and provide aromatherapy for you

💥How to use💥
1️⃣Open the top cover, add water to water tank, you may also add in water-soluble essential oil
2️⃣Simply press the on-off button to operate

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📌 For warranty extension order, if the product is faulty within 3 months, please contact us asap, if necessary please ship to us at our designed address at own cost, and we will send the replacement unit back to you for free.

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