12 Pcs Silicone Cooking Tools Set Kitchen Cookware Utensils Set Spatula Scraper Senduk Penyepit Brush Dining

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• Type: Kitchen Utensils
• Material: Silicone + Wood
• Colour: Grey, Red, Pink, Green
• Dimensions: As Shown
• Features: environmental protection, non-toxic, heat-resistant, non-stick, durable, safe, easy to clean, kitchen supplies, kitchen

►Package includes: 11 pieces of silicone kitchenware + storage bucket

1. Wooden handle cookware set, made of wood, ergonomically designed, comfortable to hold, antibacterial, no heat transfer, can protect hands
2. Our silicone cookware set uses high heat-resistant food-grade silicone head silicone to prevent the container from melting when heated. Unlike easily melted plastic and rubber appliances, they will be scratched and will not damage all types of cookware, such as non-stick Pots and pans.
3. The kit includes a flexible spatula, ladle, soup, spoon, pasta server, turner spatula

1. Whisk: 26 * 6cm; weight 47g
2. Oil brush: 27 * 4cm; weight 49g
3. Food clip: 26 * 3cm; weight 98g
4. tablespoon: 31 * 8cm; weight 85g
5. Scraper: 31 * 6cm; weight 97g
6. Noodle spoon: 31 * 6cm; weight 73g
7. Shovel: 32 * 8cm; weight 72g
8. Flat head spoon: 32 * 7cm; weight 77g
9. Colander: 31 * 7cm; weight 69g
10. Spatula: 32 * 8cm; weight 81g
11. Close spoon: 31 * 7cm; weight 73g
12. Storage bucket: 12 * 16; weight 140g

• Silicone products will have a certain dip color coating smell when new, which is normal. (Can be washed with salt and orange peel, the product should be dried in a ventilated place)
• A simple way to eliminate odor : Soak in salt water for more than half an hour, the smell will gradually disappear.
• Manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error, thank you

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