Car Perfume Same Smell as Shop, fragrance imported from France, air freshener, Pewangi Body Perfume Last 4 Weeks 6ML

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100% Pure perfume, premium grade.
Size 6ML
Kalau Nak Borong, Boleh PM
Imported from france Provides a 4-week fragrance through meticulous curing.
Giving a mild scent, not pungent, not stinging, help change the atmosphere in your car fresh
Make an impression on every trip
Suitable For Body As Well
With genuine perfume grade imported from France and England
Has a standard support from the International Fragrance Association (IFRA: International Fragrance Association)
Scent – CC-OO 🥇 – CPS – COCO CHANEL – BLUE DE CHANEL🥇 – CHANCE CHANEL – CHANEL No 5 – CHANEL ALLURE – CHANEL GABRIELLE – Dior JADoRE – Dior Miss Dior – Dior Sauvage – Dior Addict – BVLGARI OMNIA – BVLGARI POHR HOMME – AMANI Si RED – DAVIDOFT Cool Water – Chloe ‘- CK ONE – CK Be – Creed Aventus – JoMalone English Pear & Freesia – JoMalone Wild Bluebell – JoMalone Nectarine Blossom & Honey – JoMalone Wood Sage & Sea Salt – JoMalone Black BErry & Bay – JoMalone Peony & BlushSuede – JoMalone Sakure Cherry Blossom – JoMalone Orange Blossom – JoMalone Red Roses – JoMalone Amber & Patcholi
How to use 1. Rotate to open the cover 2. Pull out the inner plastic cap. 3. Close the cap tightly as before. 4. Gently shake the bottle to allow the cap to absorb the perfume. *** Be careful, the perfume comes out of the rope. Shake it slowly. Or use your fingers to hold the rope hole and gently shake *** 5. Hang where you want. With the rope hanging down Do not put the bottle cap too close to the plastic area.
*** If the perfume is spilled, immediately put a cloth soaked in water and check the spilled area. Then take a dry cloth to continue checking *** suitable for – cars – wardrobes – shoe cabinets – bathrooms.
Tips 1. When the smell is weak, can tilt the bottle to absorb the perfume. 2. The shop uses the same grade of Davanol as the essential stick. But a mixture of alcohol If spilled, immediately bring a cloth dampened with water to absorb the spill in the spill and then dry cloth again. # Car perfume # Car perfume # Car perfume # Air freshener # Car perfume

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