CLEAR Kids Trampoline Jumper Indoor Playground Kids Trampolin kanak (55 inch/62inch)(T966/1006) Lompat Mainan Budak


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Description: T966 (55″inch ) / T1006 (62″inch )
-Trampoline is built with heavy duty steel frame and base to prevent trampoline from tipping over!
-There is a seamless design between the shell and the cushion, so there is no need to worry about children getting stuck in the gap. The trampoline has more space, is beautiful, durable and comfortable.
-The trampoline for kids absorbs 80% of the impact when your kids land on it which means that they can play as long as they want without stressing or damaging children’s ankles, knees and hips.
-[RECOMMENDED AGE] 3 years and above (Max user weight: 100Kg)
-This is an indoor and outdoor trampoline, It weighs about 10Kg and you can easily carry it. When the weather is sunny, can carry it in the yard, and when in cold winter and rainy days, it can be used indoors.
-The kids trampoline attached rust-resistant and thick spring features the premium elasticity and non-deformation, promising the long-time use.
PROTECTIVE PADDED FRAME-With full safety enclosure net, the trampoline will give you the confidence to let your little one bounce around in peace! And the foam tube can protect your kid from injury, ensuring the full safety of your little children.
-It can keep children away from electronic products, participate in interesting aerobic activities, exercise regularly, and enhance their resistance. Often jump, let children exercise more, help digestion to prevent obesity, and is good for physical growth.
-55″ mini/ 62″premium trampoline with net is highly recommended for children ages 3 and up to bounce Great for safe, family fun, sport is one of great way to get kids off those electronic devices and outside to burn off some energy.

T1006 :
➦ Weight capacity: 100 Kg ➦ Gross weight: 12 Kg ➦ For ages 3 and up
Box: L-77 x W-31 x H-25 CM
Box Weight: 11 KG

Please install trampoline in a dry, clean and open environment
If it is not used correctly, the bed is harmful
Please be sure to use it on flat ground, otherwise the trampoline will be displaced in the use process
The main frame connection will be displaced! The welding area of the main frame will also be damaged
Only for 3 children
Please wear socks to use trampoline
Do not wear shoes on a trampoline
Do not wear glasses, jewelry, watches and other hard objects on the trampoline
Please use in the middle of the trampoline
Please try to avoid touching the fabric first with your knees to avoid injury.
Do not turn the heel on the trampoline. It will cause serious injury.
During the use of the trampoline, it is forbidden for others to get under the trampoline or sit, stand and lie on the trampoline cover.
Do not use the trampoline alone, the parents must be present
Ensure that there are no obstacles within the safe distance of the trampoline. Two meters around the trampoline and three meters above the trampoline.
Do not use a trampoline in a humid and windy environment

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