Focallure Jelly-Clear Dewy Lip Tint–Lip Gloss Lipstick High Pigment Long-Lasting Glossy Non-Stick Cup clear Soft Smooth liptint

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To create a jelly-clear, bouncy lip, Focallure dewy lip tint is newly launched
【Jelly-Clear Dewy Texture】Jelly-clear dewy texture, watery and forming a film, contains vitamin E to nourish the lips, can make your lips instantly full of gloss, and easily get a bouncy lips finish
【Five Eye-Catching Color Systems】Five color systems, orange, pink, pinky rose, red, brown, providing vivid colors, multiple color systems give you choices, there is always one that suits you
【Long-Lasting】In order to solve the problem of easy fading of dewy lip tint, Focallure uses a lasting and durable formula, quick-drying, which does non-stick cup after film formation, doesn’t fade easily, and has a delicate and long-lasting makeup. A little bit transfer, but the color will stay on your lips the whole day
【High Pigment】Dewy texture with soft flocking double-sided heart shape brush head can dip more colors, deliver a rich color pay-off at the very first swipe
【Non-Sticky】Lightweight, no sticky feeling, no matter how overlay, will not clump, having vibrant lips and keeping your look fresh from morning to night.

Orange:#001 #002 #003 #004
Pinky Rose:#201 #202 #203
Red:#301 #302 #303 #304
Brown:#401 #402 #403 #404 #405

Use the built-in brush to apply a large area, then, use your fingers to blend the entire lips, wait 5 seconds for the lip tint to form a film. Overlay the color on the inner side of the lips, no need to blend, you can get the watery and bouncy lips

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