FOCALLURE Makeup Brushes Kit (6 Pcs/Set)


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The brush hair is made by synthetic fiber,it won’t include any animal ingredient,please don’t worry.
Due to artificial measurement difference,there might be slightly different of the length,but it won’t influence the products’ quality,hope understand.

6pcs brush set
Fiber brush head / texture metal aluminum tube
A full set of brushes for easy makeup and daily makeup

1. Fiber bristles, rich in hair, fine fiber hair, soft to the touch, strong ability to catch powder.Won’t irritate the skin
2. Original wooden handle, beautiful and odorless
Good touching, the brand logo is printed twice, not easy to fall off
3. Thick aluminum tube is full of high sense
Durable and wear-resistant, with high gloss, long-term use, not easy to scratch

1. Blush brush [total length 19.4cm, hair length 4.7cm] – brush out the natural curvature of the blush, smudge the shadow, perfectly highlight the face contour
2. Highlight brush [Total length 17.7cm, hair length 3.1cm] – Fire head type, more flexible face touching, suitable for all kinds of highlights, brightening powder, etc.
3. Smudge brush [total length 17.4cm, hair length 1.7cm] – for the large area base color of ​​the eyelids, coloring the base eyeshadow
4. Base eye shadow brush [total length 17.2cm, hair length 1.3cm] – for eye base can also be used for partial eye makeup, smudge the color layering feeling
5.Detailed eye shadow brush [Total length 16.6cm, hair length 0.7cm] – Multi-functional eye detail brush, suitable for direct application of dark eyeshadow; can be used to draw the eyeshadow under the eyes
6. Angled brush [total length 15.6cm, hair length 0.5cm] – for detailing eyeliner and eyelid eye shadow, can be used as eyebrow brush

Name: FA70 6pcs brushes set
Origin:made in China
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Efficacy: Other /other
Handle type: long pole
Specification Type: Normal Specifications

Includes: blush brush, highlight brush, smudge brush, base eye shadow brush, detail eye shadow brush, bevel brush

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