FOCALLURE Matte Mousse Moisturize Lipstick – 20 Colours

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Super pigmented, not easy to discolor, Focallure nourish and touch
Mousse texture, smooth and silky, sexy and long lasting
Bright and shiny, create a gorgeous color

Hot selling codes:
16 Fuzzy Wuzzy: Tender pink bean paste color, can show temperament, emitting low-key gentleness
05 Chestnut: Soft pumpkin color in warm tones, making people soft and earthy
01 Warm Coralt: Gentle temperament of dried maple leaves, elegant but unique
07 Firebrick: rich warm brick red, daily makeup can be energetic
03 Indian Red: Daily gentle and soft milk pink, deep lip color is also suitable
10 VMD Auburn: Obviously full of red and orange, instantly raised up your skin tone!

1. Smooth texture, add smooth formula, delicate, comfortable and easy to apply
2. Rich and lasting color, high saturated and stunning color, long-lasting makeup is not easy to touch the cup
3. Moisturizing but not greasy, light and moist, soft chocolate flavor

Product Name: FOCALLURE Nourishing Lipstick
Whether it is a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Efficacy: Not easy to discolor, lasting Moisturizing Moisturizing
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Shelf life: 3 years specification
Type: Normal specification
Product Name: Moisturizing Lipstick Cosmetics

Packing Content:
Package Weight:0.1oz/30g
Package size: 0.7*0.7*2.9in/2*2*7.5cm

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