Focallure Moisturizing Liquid Eyes Face Concealer Base Makeup Face Foundation Invisible Pores Lip Concealer – 7 Colours Cosmetics Concealer

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Just need a little,present flawless beauty,
FOCALLURE Flawless Fine concealer
Multi-purpose, 7 colors optional, easy to carry

Effective concealer ✔ Brighten skin tone ✔
Lip base ✔ Light texture ✔ Portable ✔

1. General products with strong concealing power should do simple moisturizing before use
a. It is especially important to do a good moisturizing to the skin in the early stage.
b. Concealer and emulsion are mixed to effectively reduce the dry condition
2. FOCALLURE concealer is suitable for part concealer
a. Apply to the part position where concealing is required, and gently open it with your fingertips.
b. Take a little each time, to avoid excessive drying and whitening

Part concealing steps:
light color flaw: first foundation → after concealer
Dark color flaw: first concealer → after foundation → re-concealer

7 colors to deal with different skin colors, there is always one for you

Eye concealer: Apply a concealer evenly to the eye area
Facial concealer: After applying evenly, thenuse brush to sweep
Create a bite lip makeup: Apply evenly on the lips with a concealer, apply lipstick on the inside of the lips, smudge the fingers and smack the lip makeup

Cosmetic shelf life: 36 months
Whether it is a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Concealer Product Category: Concealer
Concealer: Covers spots, freckles, dark circles, acne marks
Specification Type: Normal Specifications
Efficacy: Concealer Moisturizing Waterproof Brighten skin tone
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Origin:made in China
Shelf life: 3 years

Wide 16MM*Long 104MM
Net Wet:6g/.21oz
Packaged in Single Package

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