Nano Transparent Magic Gel Tape Multi Function Multi Purpose Seamless Double Side Strong Washable and Reusable tape

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✅Easy to Cut: Easily cut to any size and length you want! It can be stretched, bending and folded out of shape to meet your needs. It can work in perfectly in a temperature range from 25°below zero – 160°

✅Versatile Use : You can use it in all aspects of life, such as kitchen, office, mobile phone or car hold, living room, tools, Closely related to life, you can stick items on the wall, Holds items up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS) on smooth surfaces. Free paste, random removal, freely to carry.

✅Strong Viscosity &Washable & Reusable: Through new nanotechnology and adaptable material it holds on all surfaces.When it gets dirty, you can wash it with water. DO NOT use any other wipes or detergent. You just need to wash and dry it to restore the sticky then reuse again.

✅High quality seller service: Available in a variety of sizes to choose the right length for your needs. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us. We will provide replacement and refund.

✅From Hanging pictures and posters, keeping rugs from moving around, for use as a furniture stop, to everyday Gel Pads uses like organising cables, place items to your walls, sticking your phone or tablet to any surface or just sticking anything to anything else!

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1.Washable, can be reused more than 600 times.
2. The gel super strong and washable and reusable Gel formula there are an infinite amount of potential uses.
3.It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces.
4.Double-sided adhesive and washable and reusable.
5.Keep items in place without slipping.

How to use:
①Clean the surface you want to stick.
②Cut it to the right size and stick it.
③Peel off the protective film before use. When the gel tape viscous loss or the surface is dusty, wash it with water and dry it by itself. Then you can Reuse it more times.

1.Please don’t use it on the rough surface, powder wall, greasy and wet surface.
2. In order to avoid damaging, please don’t put heavy and precious things onside.
3.Avoid using this tape on curved surfaces and for hanging heavy objects.
4. After washing, it can be dried naturally or blown dry by a hair dryer. Do not wipe with a rag.
5.Keep out of reach of children.
6.Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

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