STAGENIUS 18HR Flawless Liquid Foundation Natural Nude Color Face Makeup Sample

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Flawless makeup style, oil-free concealer, brighten skin tone, soft and light texture,help create a natural nude look makeup

11 colors options,designed for your skin tone:
Very fair/fair skin tone:01,02,03
Medium/natural skin tone:04,05,06
Dark/yellowish skin tone:07,08,09,10
Very dark skin tone:11

3 in 1 advantages:
SPF 30 Sunscreen: Daily UVA/UVB protection
Concealer: Creating a flawless complextion
Matte Foundation: Oil-free help create matte effect

Oil-free concealer, brighten skin tone, moisturizing, soft and light
Focallure 8 color flawless liquid foundation
Create a natural nude look makeup

Oil-free concealer – covering skin imperfections, makes skin pores invisible
Brighten skin tone – protects the skin from radiance
Moisturizing – highly moisturizing, rich in moisturizing factor
Light and light skin – fine and fine powder, transparent effect

Hot color recommendation: 01 , 02, 03

Very fair skin tone: 01
Fair skin tone: 02
Natural but fair skin tone: 03
Yellow skin tone: 04
Yellowish blackish skin tone: 05
Healthy skin tone: 06 , 07 , 08

Brand name: Stagenius
Product Name: Stagenius Matte Full Coverage Foundation
Net content: 5ml/1.01OZ
Whether it is a special-purpose cosmetic: No
Color Classification : 11 colors options
Specification Type: Normal Specifications
Efficacy: Modifying the skin color, setting makeup, concealing, oil control,sunscreen
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Origin: China
Shelf life: 3 years

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